Proces registrace

Registering for TechSoup Czech Republic consists of several steps. During registration, we evaluate both the eligibility of your non-profit organization to enter the TechSoup Czech Republic program as such, and your eligibility to use the offers of individual donor, discounted and grant programs from our partners. Individual partners usually determine more detailed criteria for the use of their offer, from the size of the organization to the type of activities of the requesting organization. You can find the specific criteria of individual partners / programs on separate pages.

1) Fill in the registration form

An authorized representative of the organization must complete the registration form on this site. In the registration form you fill in the basic information about the organization and contact details of your organization.

Please fill in the official details in the form as they appear in the official register of your organization's record. The notes for each field will tell you what information to fill in.

2) Wait for your organization to be eligible

Within 5 working days at the latest , an authorized TechSoup Czech Republic employee will evaluate your registration for the TechSoup Czech Republic program and also evaluate your eligibility for individual partners. During this evaluation, we check:

  • registration of the organization in the official register relevant to the type of organization,
  • registration data about the organization entered into our system with data in the official register (name, registered office address),
  • inclusion in the correct area of ​​activity according to the available information about the organization,
  • or some other data required by our donor partners.

An authorized TechSoup Czech Republic employee may contact you by telephone or e-mail when evaluating your registration to clarify certain information or discrepancies we encounter during registration. We may also request some additional documents from you if all necessary verified information is not available in official sources or is not up to date. If our employee is unable to contact an authorized representative of your organization, registration cannot be completed! If you do not receive an evaluation of the registration by e-mail or your organization is not contacted by our employee within 5 working days after sending the required registration documents, please contact us !

After evaluating the registration, you will receive an e-mail to the official e-mail address listed confirming whether or not you meet the eligibility criteria for entry into the TechSoup Czech Republic program . You will then find out your authorization to use individual affiliate programs in your user account.

If you have questions about the registration process or to evaluate the eligibility for the TechSoup Czech Republic program or any of the partners, do not hesitate to contact us .

3) Do you meet the eligibility criteria? Start using TechSoup Czech Republic services!

Choose from the catalog of products and services, apply for licenses and browse the offer of other services and information from TechSoup Czech Republic.

When a new partner joins or launches a new partner program within TechSoup Czech Republic, we will automatically evaluate your organization's eligibility for this new program (if possible). An overview of your eligibility for all offered programs / partners can be found in the details of your account after logging in on the website (section My account -> Organization and Program Qualification Status). We will always inform you about news and changes in the TechSoup Czech Republic program and partner programs by e-mail to the official address of your organization.